dtables is a new WordPress plugin for creating data tables.

The plugin focuses on a modern reactive interface, high performance and small payload size.

Why dtables?

No jQuery dependency

While there are many other WordPress data table plugins on the market, the vast majority of them are based on a jQuery library called DataTablesopen in new window. Even though this library is really cool and still popular, the trend in 2021 is to stop using jQueryopen in new window. For example, the Bootstrap team dropped jQuery as a dependencyopen in new window in 2020.

There is no doubt that the WordPress team will also remove jQuery sometime in the future (their Guttenbergopen in new window, released in 2018, is not jQuery-based). This step will be much easier if plugins stop using jQuery now.

dtables is not using jQuery. Instead, it is powered by the Svelteopen in new window framework, one of the fastestopen in new window reactive frameworks available today.

No IE support

WordPress does not support IE since version 5.8open in new window. So does dtables.

Unlike other plugins that implicitly support IE6-11open in new window, the lack of such support allows dtables to use modern technologies such as CSS Custom Propertiesopen in new window.

This also leads to the next two points.

High performance

No need to support old browsers, and the use of Svelteopen in new window allows dtables to unleash the full power of a modern browser when rendering and updating table contents.

Small payload size

The lack of jQuery and legacy code to support older browsers makes the size of the additional content loaded by dtables on the page smaller than when using other plugins.


While other plugins can cost you up to $599 or require a paid subscription for updates, this plugin is free.

You can rest assured that the most popular functions for creating data tables, which are often included in the paid versions of other plugins, will always remain free in dtables.

Last Updated: 7/19/2021, 2:40:10 PM
Contributors: Vladimir