Getting Started



There are 3 waysopen in new window to install any WordPress plugin. You can use whichever suits you best to install dtables.

  • Automatic Plugin Installation. Use dtables keyword to search for the plugin.
  • Upload via WordPress Admin and Manual Plugin Installation. Download the plugin zip file from this pageopen in new window.

Creating your first data table

  1. Once you have activated the plugin, you should see the following page:

Tables list

Click the Create new button.

  1. On the page that opens, find the DATA SOURCE panel:

Initial data editor

Copy the contents of the table below and paste it into the DATA SOURCE editor:

StatePopulationPop. per sq. mi.
New York19453561412.8
North Carolina10488084215.7


Select the entire table and press CTRL+C. Then click the first cell in the dtables data editor and press CTRL+V.

Data editor with inserted data

  1. Decrease the number of columns to three:

Three columns

  1. Turn on Use first row as headers:

Use first row as headers

  1. Click Sync columns:

Sync columns

  1. Finally click Save table on the top bar:

Save table

  1. Now open any page or post for editing and insert the following shortcode [dtables id=1 /]:

Insert shortcode

  1. Save the changes and open the page (or post).

Congratulations! You have created your first data table!

First data table

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